My Sparkely Suit

Live from the Rodeo of the Soul…

The Sparkley Suit

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you might be ready to play dress up with me and claim your spirited woman self!

When you were a little girl growing up did you:

a. Want to be a nun and a solid gold dancer?
b. Wonder why fitting in meant not acting like yourself?
c. Want to save the world and felt like you actually could?
d. Pretend your bicycle was a galloping horse?
e. Wonder if being a bad girl was funner than being a good girl? Draw yourself with a crown on your head?’ Wonder if being a bad girl was funner than being a good girl? ร้านพวงหรีดพัดลมบุญมา

Or were you one of the bad girls?
Or were you BOTH the bad girl and the good girl?
Most of the women I have met were either BOTH or wanted to be. And most of the spirited women I know are still asking themselves these kinds of questions. And do we need to choose? Or is there some delicious combination between the two? I think so!

Should I go out for a raw food green drink or eat a crispy creme? Should I buy the hot pink cowgirl boots with flames or the sensible walking shoes? Should I stay home and clean the house or go out to the saloon and read poetry at the open mike?

The healthy answer might be…drum roll please…BOTH!

One night I had a dream – and these people where encouraging me to behave more normally, be more reserved, to fit in, to achieve some level of acceptance. They were pointing to a beige suit on a rack…I looked at them and they were wearing beige and their faces and hair were beige too! In a panic I woke myself up in a sweat. It was 3 am and I poured a glass of wine, and sat down to draw in my journal. I made a commitment that the next day I would wear my wildest outfit, which of course included my red cowgirl boots and red feather boa and my hat with the rhinestone butterfly on the front. It isn’t that dressing up was important, but that reminding myself too not be too normal was important. To not forget my wild child side. I had been getting dangerously close to conformity -which for a wild child, artist or spirited woman, is not a good idea!

The next morning…when my girlfriend saw me walk into the Cosmic Cowgirls studio she smiled and said: “There she is!” And I said these words: “The beige people stole my sparkely suit. I won’t let that happen again”. And of course, she got what I meant. That dream and meaning of that sentence is a reminder for me not to be to focused on conformity – to be a spirited woman at all times. To be myself. And to surround myself with other women who celebrate who we are, and who we are becoming. Growing up – and now, I am both bad girl and good girl and that is what keeps it all so interesting….By bad I don’t mean, literally “bad” of course – but bad in the sense that I don’t always want to choose what is right. best. perfect. but instead sometimes what is wild. irreverent. unexpected.