GPS, A Second Per Century, Proving Einstein’s Laws and Creation Taking 6 Days – Now, Re Darwinism?

Totaling only a single 2d in step with century (from every day corrections of the atomic clocks aboard the commonplace GPS satellites – to suit Earth clocks), but it proves that “time passage” isn’t universally steady. Science says our Universe was created thirteen.7 billion years ago, initiated via the Big Bang (Earth’s age, approximately 1000000000 years) – all solidly, scientifically proven. But the Bible says the world became created in just six days – clear proof to nearly all of the most pretty educated of our civilization – that the Bible is obviously best a childish religious myth. Dr. Richard Dawkins in his “The Blind Watchmaker” places it: “Pretend as they’ll to scientific credentials, the anti-evolution propagandists are always religiously influenced”; he rationalizes Darwinism in his e book and denigrates as “backwoodsmen” “individuals who are trying to find to deny the fact of Evolution”; his bedrock-foundation argument is: “the Earth is lots of millions of years vintage”. Thus, Dr, Dawkins and not unusual information preserve that the Bible is mere spiritual myth, a biblical “day” being only symbolic, now not 24-hours in length Universal Darwinism.

However, then, in global records, entered incredible Einstein and his “notion” experiments – re-directing scientific information – leading the way to his General and Special Theories and equations – observed by cosmology scientists Gerald Schroeder (“Genesis and the Big Bang”) and Nathan Aviezer (“In the Beginning”) and to their “Creation” chart, six days of “Cosmic Time” (which compares favorably with the Bible’s six Genesis days – no clashing, established through Earth sciences). And, in trendy global, validating the mathematical accuracy of Einstein’s equations, we’ve got the Global Positioning System (GPS) with satellites and atomic clocks and every day microsecond adjustments to keep a in shape to Earth’s clocks – to a cumulative correction of simplest a unmarried second according to century. The correction is small, since the pace and gravity of the GPS satellites as opposed to the Earth’s surface aren’t very extraordinary – however, that lone second of time-differential proves the point! (Sadly for Star Trek and space journey memories – all based on the sector being of a common “passage-of-time” constancy – such portrayal isn’t always the way the sector definitely is, away from Earth!)

Einstein – From the ancient Michelson-Morley test – which located no variant in the speed of mild – scientists progressively began accepting the concept of light’s speed being the same in all directions and instances, From this, Einstein then evolved his concept of Relativity – with two assumptions:

1. Relativity: that one can’t tell by using any test whether or not one is at relaxation or moving uniformly (in a directly line and regular pace), and that there may be no such element as absolute rest – all movement or rest being most effective relative to different gadgets (i.E. An earthling may be stationary with admire to Earth, however on the same time, transferring very hastily with admire to the solar).
2. Constancy of the Velocity of Light: that the velocity of light has the same cost with recognize to any observer, either at relaxation or undergoing uniform movement.

What Einstein then conceived become an astounding and counter-intuitive reality – so as for all observers to degree the same pace for a beam of light – time could should “drift” otherwise for unique observers (based totally on their relative pace and gravity parameters).

Schroeder and Aviezer, of their separate books, the scientists then developed a six day Cosmic calendar of the passage of time – as experienced by way of a theoretical observer of the introduction of the Universe, right after the Big Bang – area, inside the midst of the cosmos. To such an observer, touring at near velocity-of-light and below a super gravity pressure, the primary 24-hour-day would be equal to about seven billion years of destiny Earth-time. In next days, the increasing universe might cause approximate-halving. Thus, observing the loads of material which could sequentially turn out to be our galaxy, our sun system, our Earth – a contrast of the Cosmic calendar, via Earth sciences to the biblical six days – shows unexpected settlement:

Cosmic Day 3: (Estimated at from 3 to a thousand million years in the past): Earth science says: “Earth cools, liquid water appears, unmarried cellular lifestyles seems, plants appears”; even as the Bible says: “Let the waters beneath heaven be amassed, and God known as the dry land Earth. And the earth introduced forth grass, herb yielding seed, bushes containing its own seed.”

Cosmic Day four: (to estimated 500 million years in the past); Earth technology says: “Sun and Moon seem, reputedly identical in length from Earth – because of Sun being 400 times larger and 400 time farther away”; Bible says: “And God made the two exceptional lighting, the extra mild to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night time.”

Cosmic Day 5: (to expected 2 hundred million years in the past): Earth science says: “Cambrian Age, with explosion of all existence bureaucracy extant today: animal lifestyles in water, then reptiles, and winged creatures, then land mammals”; the Bible says: “And God created the ocean creatures and every residing creature that crawls and the waters swarmed after its kind, and each winged creature after its type.”

Of brilliant significance (although ignored by using Darwinists) changed into the Burgess Pass discovery a century in the past, of 60,000 fossils in the Canadian Rockies, The discovery became made by way of Dr. Charles Walcott, Director of the Smithsonian Institute (who then did the unthinkable for a paleontologist), he re-buried this finest ever fossil locate inside the basement of the Smithsonian – rediscovered simplest lately. The fossils had been of all extant residing creatures, evidencing an explosion of all animal lifestyles in an impossibly short time period (completely inconsistent with the Darwin-Evolutionism mutation-time requirement of eons); there was no longer a unmarried “missing hyperlink” or inter-step creature – the findings completely matching the biblical words of the biblical Day 5. Walcott had re-hidden the 60,000 fossils to protect his reputation and career – then, as now, anti-non secular perception absolutely dominated all highbrow society.

Aaron Kolom qualifies as a “rocket scientist” with over 50 years aerospace engineering: Stress Analyst to Chief of Structural Sciences on numerous navy plane, to Corp. Director Structures and Materials, Asst. Chief Engineer Space Shuttle Program through first 3 flights (offered NASA Public Service Medal), Rockwell International Corp.; Program Manager Concorde SST, VP Engineering TRE Corp.; Aerospace Consultant.

Aaron L. Kolom – from Brainwashed* and Miracles**
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